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The Sky Is Completed!

Posted by Gayle Levee, 03 December 2010 · 365 views

Well yesterday was a full day of work. Halfway through it, I showed you the ongoing application of the sky colors. Then I finished the sky, but didn't know if I would still like it this morning. Have you noticed that? You finish something and then the next day you hate it? That happens to me so I figured I'd better wait until this morning to post the picture of the finished sky.

Well this morning I still like it, so here it is!

Posted Image

I love it! So fun to watch the progression!
Not sure about the dark grey clouds, sorry, but they don't seem to belong to the rest of your painting.
They're shaped rather odd.

Just my opinion.
Overall I like the sky but I don't care for the dark clouds and wonder if they are finished? If they are finished, they are flat, too dark, breaking up the flow of the painting a bit like dark blotches across the middle. When I imagine the sky without the dark clouds it seems more pleasing. I mean well. :)
It's great to get your feedback, because after a weekend of not seeing the painting, I had come to the same conclusion. Today I've posted the work I did to the trees; next I want to add color to the field, and adjust those dark clouds. Thanks!

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