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Big Push for a new project

Posted by Gayle Levee, 29 March 2011 · 1,032 views

Whew, everyone, I have not been able to post on this for a while because I've been doing a big push to get a new project going. You'll see more about it soon!

Meanwhile, these last two weeks have been about painting in downtown Nashville, putting together mailing lists and writing information. More hats an artist has to wear: advertising agent, CEO, copywriter, printer and postal worker!

I'm telling you it will feel great to get back to the easel!

I feel your push, Gayle! Me, too.

Hope everything goes swimmingly, and you're back to what you love soon.
I hear you, Gayle! I've just been through an incredibly heavy and stressful period. On my way home from work I was ruminating about a lot of things and it just settled over me, "Be still". Since then, every time I feel the push, it comes back to me, "Be still." and I am. Having read what you commented once about how you don't necessarily identify "what" you want to paint by scene or object but by the feeling, the sense, you wish to convey, I wonder what "Be still" might look like? That is an approach I will definitely adopt. Thank you so much for sharing at the deeper level.

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