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Depth and Foreground

Posted by Gayle Levee, 01 February 2011 · 706 views

Part of what I like about painting realistically is getting the illusion of depth. The canvas is completely flat -- it's called the "picture plane" -- but we are trying to make it look like we could reach right in and touch something. This session, the red onion and vase in front of the tropical fruit makes it look like there is a world inside that canvas.
Posted Image

Did you achieve this by using more saturated colors in the foreground and more details? Any other tips?
Mostly I just used darker colors and more contrast in the foreground. This can also be done with warmer colors and brighter colors.
very nicePosted Image :evilwarrior:
Hello Gayle,

I am new here but have been following your Learn to Master Painting exercises, and feel my whole world has changed because of them. What I have loved most about many of your paintings we've been able to see on the net, is the depth and the light. Not just light and shade but actual glowing light bringing everything alive. Your backgrounds are almost burning with the energy of light. Hopefully one day I'll be able to sign such a painting of my own -- it is my dream! In the meantime (although I am an amateur), I just want to say this painting is beautiful, it's just asking us to "come on in" -- right in -- and seems to me we'd even be able to walk behind the table.
I'm so glad I finally discovered how to register in order to be here.

Hello again Gayle,

May I ask some questions about this lovely work of yours? Am I right that the shine on the green fruit is the focal point, or is it the red onion? What symbol did you use to create the focal point -- I understand the triangle used in the tulip lesson but am not able to work out the shape you chose for this one. Your painting is more or less like two paintings joined and yet they blend as though it is one painting --- do you use two symbols for such a painting? One for the foreground and one for the background? Maybe I should just try and work it out some more, but I'd love you to explain these things if you have the time and wouldn't mind.

Clarky, I'm sorry I didn't see your posts until just now. I used a Figure 8 with the grouping of fruit as the center of the 8, one loop going up over the upper vase and one down over the lower vase. I have not yet finished this painting, as I've been working on paintings of Cummins Falls, but I hope to get back to it some time next week. Thank you for your encouraging words!

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