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Where do babies come from?

Posted by Gayle Levee, 22 January 2011 · 262 views

Ok yeah I know where babies come from. But where do baby ideas come from? I've decided to document the inception and development of an idea, starting with something I really want to paint.

Posted Image

I have these wonderful vases and pitcher -- that's a closeup of one of them -- and I want to paint them.. So here I am trying to come up with an idea that will do them justice.

See the little holes in the vase? Those got me to thinking about tropical leaves. (the fact that we are having yet another snowstorm also has me thinking about tropical leaves, but that's another story) The kind of leaves I am thinking of are those big ones with the holes in them, just like the vase.

Ransacking Google Images, I found the leaf: it's called Monstera. Wow, that could get my imagination going a whole different direction! So, holes in the vase, holes in the leaf, tropical dreaming....monsters... not sure where this will go, but you'll know when I do!

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