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Waterfalls in February!

Posted by Gayle Levee, 18 January 2011 · 270 views

Waterfalls in February!
As if snow isn't enough to paint, now we crazy plein-air painters have decided to tackle a waterfall in February.

Seems we have access to this wonderful waterfall, but the nearest views are a bit of a hike from the parking area. And if you REALLY want to see something spectacular, pack your painting gear down a cliffside trail to the bottom of the fall. Oh, and part of the trail does involve wading through the river. I've heard the term "extreme plein-air painting" tossed around!

However, the people who are making this possible for us will provide a fire and hot beverages. Now that sounds like it could work! Wonder if I could set up a campfire coffee still life there?

On the still life note: I have a new one planned. This will incorporate one, two or three fabulous large Majolica pieces which have come into my possession. As long as I can keep from breaking them, I hope to do a large painting and document it here. Should be nice; I'm excited! Plus I'll be warm and dry...and the refrigerator is in the next room. Ah, yes.

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