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Preparation for a Show

Posted by Gayle Levee, 10 January 2011 · 331 views

I had known about the upcoming show for over a month; what I didn't find out until less than a week ago is that this exhibit is to be a three-person show in a large room! I needed to come up with six significant works of art in ten days! Panic!

After a call to my local gallery and a perusal of the work here in the studio, I have scrounged up six paintings. One of them needs a frame, so my plan was to take it to the framer today. Well, the weather had other ideas: snow and ice storms throughout the South.

Hey, that didn't stop me. My most awesome fiance made some phone calls of his own, did some research, and together we decided that I could brave the road from my studio to the framer. Save! Now the plan is to pick up the frame tomorrow, collect the other paintings from the gallery, put together a price list and deliver the lot to the exhibit by Wednesday. (that is in between meetings and getting ready for Thursday's classes. Who said artists are bums?)

Have a great show!
Have a great show! Would love to see the paintings you chose...:)

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