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Painting Outside in the Snow

Posted by Gayle Levee, 13 January 2011 · 299 views

Ah, beautiful snowy winter paintings! So tempting to capture that fluffy wonderland... until the artist contemplates frostbite. What can we do -- snap a photo and hope for the best? Wonder why everything that looked so magical outside winds up looking gray and black in the photo? Shrug and copy that anyway and wind up with a gray and black painting, no...

Preparation for a Show

Posted by Gayle Levee, 10 January 2011 · 321 views

I had known about the upcoming show for over a month; what I didn't find out until less than a week ago is that this exhibit is to be a three-person show in a large room! I needed to come up with six significant works of art in ten days! Panic!

After a call to my local gallery and a perusal of the work here in the studio, I have...

Dave Ramsey And Art

Posted by Gayle Levee, 04 January 2011 · 306 views

Whew, this week did not turn out as restful as I had anticipated: my car died! Fortunately, I have been following Dave Ramsey's advice in financial management. The recession has resulted in very low sales of art, and my income for the last two years has been down. But I have no debt, so no money lost in interest payments. Plus  I've been keeping...

Happy New Year!

Posted by Gayle Levee, 31 December 2010 · 303 views

The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is my favorite week in the year. All that good food to eat, people I love are with me, and there are gifts to play with -- and time to enjoy it all!

Preparation For Next Semester

Posted by Gayle Levee, 23 December 2010 · 266 views

One day a week, I get out of the studio and teach. I have two classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Yesterday and today I wrote the course outlines and materials lists, compiled my mailing list, printed the envelopes and the outlines and sent them on their way.

Also, the solo exhibit at the Vanderbilt University Club had ended; I took those...

Framing And Delivery Of "stargazers"

Posted by Gayle Levee, 22 December 2010 · 318 views

This is about the business part of being an artist. After finishing "Stargazers" I had to let it dry enough for a coat of retouch varnish, just to protect it. Then that had to dry. After that, I photographed it again and put a 3"wide gold carved frame on the painting.

Time to catalog the piece.  I have a notebook with dividers for each of my...

The Painting Comes To Life

Posted by Gayle Levee, 17 December 2010 · 319 views

With details and highlights, the painting comes to life. Notice, the details and highlights come on LAST. They are the first thing you notice when you are looking at a painting, but they need to be the last thing you put on when you are creating one.

Posted Image

Second Coat

Posted by Gayle Levee, 14 December 2010 · 313 views

 The reason for the second coat is to perfect the painting, but NOT for details. You can see how the second coat gave this painting more air, more depth and a more balanced combination of soft and hard edges and brushwork. Most of this was done with brushes at least an inch wide. Details...

Completed First Coat Of Paint

Posted by Gayle Levee, 13 December 2010 · 284 views

This is the first coat of paint on the entire canvas. At this point, I could call it "finished" if I wanted to present an "alla prima" painting.

Posted Image


Posted by Gayle Levee, 11 December 2010 · 255 views

 Whew, that was a marathon! I had to basically finish the flowers in one day before they change. Tomorrow I can get paint onto the rest of the canvas. I got a slideshow uploaded to my Facebook page (Gayle Levee) if you want to see the steps.

Posted Image


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