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The best practice amp for starters and often for everyone else too

Posted by BluzCruz, 27 June 2017 · 850 views

Here it is...straight to the point. Make sure you have a MicroCube. Plain and simple.

They are cheap at $150 new, or anywhere from about $50 to $100 used. If you buy used, try to find one with the strap and the authentic Boss PSA-120S power supply. (Those are about $30 new). You can get cheaper power supplies, but they usually have shorter thinner cords and sometimes are noisy. The Boss PSA-120S or the One Spot (without the daisy chain) are good choices. The Snark is cheesy but cheap at $12, though the cord is about half as long. All those are on amazon.

Sound is decent, even better recorded. It has most of the effects needed for a wide range of songs and styles. Not everything, but the main ones.

Here's a 5 min sample of some of the sounds it can make: Samples

It can keep the volume to low levels and still sound good, which is great if you like to practice when others may not want to hear it much.

It's portable and can run on AC (wall power) or DC (batteries)...great to take on travel, on a boat, to the park, or just out to your back yard or front porch.

So how do you know, you may ask. Why should I listen to some guy on LMG? Simple. I'm a gear junkie. If it's out there, I eventually get around to trying it out.
Here's a list of some of the amps I've owned or still own. So when I say you will find the microcube to be a useful tool, it's not for a lack of access to many high quality amps.And still, I just bought a second microcube. Anyway...the list.

Squier 15, Vox DA-5, 1x10 30 watt Vox. Line 6 Spider II 75 watt. Crate V16, Fender Princeton Reverb, Fender Deluxe Reverb, Fender Super Reverb (twice), Fender hand wired Champ, Bogner V5, Marshall MA or MG 2x12, Marshall Class 5, Marshall DSL40C, Marshall JTM-45, Mesa Mini Rectifier, Mesa Mark V, Mesa TC-50. and don't get me started on cabinets...I have had a ton of those too from stock to custom, 1x8 to 2x12's, open backs, closed backs, and everything in between.

You need a microcube. Really.

My last comment - I have no affiliation with Boss, and their customer service pisses me off every time I try to use it. Buy a microcube anyway. Skip their pedals, in my opinion. There is almost always a better option than a Boss pedal, in my experience. They usually disappoint me. But the microcube is genius.

Great post! Unrelated to your post, the picture of your.....love the color. Gretsch? How do you like it? Thanks David

Thanks, glad you liked the post. The guitar is a Gibson ES-335....love it. I have two of them. One cherry, One Beale Street Blue. I should probably sell one but I can never make up my mind which one I would part with. Plus those Beale St. Blue ones are a bit hard to find for sale now.