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Learning Chords and Changing Chords

Posted by BluzCruz, 26 June 2017 · 743 views

This is a giant time saver and very effective method for learning new chords quickly, and for changing between chords. I've posted it to all the "chord" sessions in the course but want to share it here too.

Search YouTube for this and watch it: Jody Fisher Guitar Quick Tip - "Learning Chords"

Jody is awesome...another good resource to be aware of. There are many and one challenge when learning guitar is to NOT try to do everything you see that looks good. But he does have some really good stuff you can benefit from.

Disclaimer: No, I don't know him and I'm not affiliated with him or benefitting in any way from "plugging" his products or "personal brand".

So check out the video. It will save you a LOT of time compared to the usual method if you apply this to learning new chords and chord changes.

Happy Strumming!