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Starting to Blog again - and, (re)introducing...me.

Posted by BluzCruz, 26 June 2017 · 599 views

It's been ages since I posted to the blog here. I was once the most prolific blogger on LMG with hundreds of blog posts...then they deleted it when they changed platforms. (grrrr...) I had posts on all my gear experiments, and my journey through the course, about playing tips, other resources I found helpful and more. I have a little time so I think I may start blogging here again. So...introducing "Me." At least the "musical me".

First off, yes I completed the course. It remains some of the most helpful guitar development material I've used for the simple reason that it is well organized and comprehensive in tackling the broad spectrum of topics that need to be covered to bring you through the early and intermediate levels of learning to play. So thanks again Steve for putting this course together.

One thing I'm proud of that took a lot of effort (like 2000 hours) is that I transcribed note for note (into guitar pro) and learned note for note (to the best of my ability) the 9 minute 12 second song "Back Where it All Begins" by the Allman Brothers, from the Album "Where It All Begins". You can find my cover/demo of that on YouTube where I am "SuperReverbious". Search YouTube for "Superreverbious Back Where it all begins" and it will pop right up.

On that channel, I tend to mostly post musical performances I've done in various forums, or some gear demos occasionally. I did a lot of weekend warrior groups, some good, some terrible, but posted almost all the performances. Playing with other people in a band setting helps you develop. Even if you or they suck at it. Get out and play with people you don't know. You might even make some new friends. Do it...it will help you develop.

You can see my most recent band, an Allman Brothers Tribute and Blues rock band called "Good Clean Fun" on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheGoodCleanFunBand
I have disbanded that groups now but it was fun while it lasted. We started as a "jam only band" that was started to learn 5 songs and go play them at blues jams. We clicked and decided to do more...and soon decided to focus on Allman Brothers music specifically, where we developed the ability to play (almost) note for note covers of 20 of the best Allman Brothers songs. We have lots of videos posted. I never seemed to catch the "best" performances though LOL. Mixes are off sometimes, other times there are some bad notes. One thing I learned is it's darn near impossible to pull off a perfect show.

I'm sharing this NOT so much because I want you all to go watch my videos, but because I want you to see that even if you're starting at Session 1 with your very first guitar, having never picked one up before, this course can help you progress to where you can play pretty well.

More to come.