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The best practice amp for starters and often for everyone else too

Posted by BluzCruz, 27 June 2017 · 850 views

Here it is...straight to the point. Make sure you have a MicroCube. Plain and simple.

They are cheap at $150 new, or anywhere from about $50 to $100 used. If you buy used, try to find one with the strap and the authentic Boss PSA-120S power supply. (Those are about $30 new). You can get cheaper power supplies, but they usually have shorter thinner cords...

Learning Chords and Changing Chords

Posted by BluzCruz, 26 June 2017 · 743 views

This is a giant time saver and very effective method for learning new chords quickly, and for changing between chords. I've posted it to all the "chord" sessions in the course but want to share it here too.

Search YouTube for this and watch it: Jody Fisher Guitar Quick Tip - "Learning Chords"

Jody is awesome...another good resource to be aware of. T...

Starting to Blog again - and, (re)introducing...me.

Posted by BluzCruz, 26 June 2017 · 599 views

It's been ages since I posted to the blog here. I was once the most prolific blogger on LMG with hundreds of blog posts...then they deleted it when they changed platforms. (grrrr...) I had posts on all my gear experiments, and my journey through the course, about playing tips, other resources I found helpful and more. I have a little time so I think I may...