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  • DSC00066
    do you like the chair?Dave
  • Epiphone And Strat
    Epiphone And Strat
    Thanks. I really like my EPI Les Paul...it sounds much different from my Strat, especially the Low G string...it is awesome.
  • 160030047 angle large
    160030047 angle large
    I'm considering this LP.  Easy my way into the $$$ Gibson Family.  Great guitar.  I played it this weekend. Loved it.
  • Epiphone And Strat
    Epiphone And Strat
    Nice picture.  How do you like your Epiphone Les Paul?
  • pedal board painted
    pedal board painted
    I did, and used it for a while, but I've moved on to a slanted flat design - it's about three pictures over.  The open board gives more room for expansion and arrangement.

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